Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

Blowing Balloons

A child aged less 4 years old were in the room with his mother who was changing clothes.
When her mother took off her BRA, the child speaks...

Child : Mother,...mother...your balloons less hard, it should be blown...
Mother : Hush, this isn't a balloon! (pointing at her breast)...
Child : Why, I had seen the man in the barn was blowing Minah's balloons very hard !



this is funny haha

De Histology

@Doris hahaha...thx for your comment... :D


to be nya breasts 'is' ya? hohohoo, .

wkwkwkk, 4 years old, biasa laah :P

De Histology

@Ladida nanti tak ralat lagi boss...maklum, baru belajar posting pake english...wkwkwkwk...


what ? BRA ? wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkw . its funny :D

De Histology

@amPuzz This just only funny story which I get from medical journals... XD


hahaha . okay okay :D

Ijal Fauzi

nice joke !

randy oktaran

hahaha kirain ada hubungannya ama dehistology
nice joke this night

De Histology

@Ijal Fauzi @randy oktaran sedikit2 nge-joke lah...bosen bahas histology mulu... XD


hahaha...bang poncol bisa aja nih... XD

Candra Aditya

Hahahahaha... It's shaking my stomach..

ronald thomas

that's really funny....hahahaha

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