Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Asking for Help

Somewhere in doctor's practice room, came a man ± 60 years old, a woman ± 25 years old and a child ± 2 years old.

After seated, there was a question and answer between doctor with these patients.

The Doctor : Who is sick ?
The Woman (who answered): That's Mr. Doctor, my husband can not move their weapons. (That's impotent).
The Doctor (half-surprised, because he thinks he's did her parents): "How long has the pain sir?"
The Man : It's been about 5 years ago doctor...
The Doctor : But your child  was ± 2 years old, that's impossible...

The Woman heard the question doctor did smile a little smile. The Man with a coy answer :

The Man : Yes, Doctor, that child is a child of my wife, but he's not my child.
The Doctor : Does your wife have time to marry when you're widowed?
The Man : No doctor, he was still a virgin.
The Doctor : So...!!?
The Man : That time... I asked for help to my neighbor because I want to have a child...

Hearing the unexpected answer before the doctor said :

The Doctor : Why didn't you ask me to do it ?

The woman heard the words of Doctor said, looking small smile full of meaning. Doctors soon realized, and correct it.

The Doctor
: No...I mean...why didn't you seek treatment before !... XD


Farixsan Quilicuor (Faris Hardiyanto 177)

Bisa aja ya Dokternya :D Ngeles aja :D wkwkwkwk Ngeres pula XD

De Histology

@Farixsan Quilicuor (Faris Hardiyanto 177) wkwkwkwkwk...Dokter juga manusia... :D


dokter yang aneh..haha

De Histology

@YULYANTI_TK_PCR...hahaha...thx bwat commentnya ya... XD


hahaha...dokter cabul... XD

Candra Aditya

Hahahaha... Ngakak!!

Dokter Gigi Gaul

kik kik kik

iya, kadang kita gak sengaja ngomong yang sebenernya bukan yang dimaksud..

tapi dokter juga manusia :D

salam kenal lagi!
Salam MagaHaya!

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