Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

Low Blood Pressure

A colleague was assigned by the Institute of Blood Transfusion taking activities in one large family of famous ludruk in the Jakarta area. After examining a patient, the following conversation happened...

Doctor : Mr. Paijo, your blood couldn't be retrieved.
Now, you can't be blood donors... :( 
Ludruk Players I : Why is Doctor ?
Doctor : He has low blood pressure... :(  
Ludruk Players I (with a bit anxious): How to treat it Doctor ? 
Ludruk Players II (nyeletuk): It is very easy friend, only eating a ladder, Later...yours blood pressure rise so high !.... XD



hahahaha . is it true that low blood can be treated simply by eating the stairs? hahaha

De Histology

@amPuzz it's just a story...hahahaha.... XD

Farixsan Quilicuor (Faris Hardiyanto 177)

Hahaha bisa aja ya ceritanya :D wkwkwk


ceritanya pake bahasa gado2 nih..."nyeletuk"..wkwkwkwk...

ronald thomas

hahahaha ,Thanks a lot for this joke.

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