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Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary (Java Software)

Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary is written by medical specialists and panelists, this dictionary is intended for workers in the sector paramedic, as such were the pharmacists, physiotherapy, speech therapy, and so on.

Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary will also be very useful for medical students and practicing physicians (including resident therein). Each entry contains a basic definition, followed by a more detailed explanation or description.

Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary equipped with a feature article written for a clear and concise English without the use of technical jargon yng unnecessary. For this reason the book this dictionary will be very interesting and valuable to readers who need a medical dictionary at home.

Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary presented in MSDict electronic format by the developer. MSDict offers best experience in mobile reference and is available for olatform handheld.
This latest version includes unspecified updates on enhancements or fixes bugs.




kamus buat jampe2 ya mas bro...hahahaha...


Great post , Thank you for writing so well on such a difficult but important subject. It was really helpful to solve my confusion,

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Thanks for the post. The subject is very unique,
It was really helpful to solve my confusion.

Occupational Medicine


Great post,
Keep on writing such stuffs.
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ronald thomas

Superb kind of work by the author as on this particular topic people needs more precise information and special attention to it.Thanks a lot.

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